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Roo Retreat 2015

2015 Retreat in the books! Filled with team bonding, camp fire, breakout sessions and just coming together with a common goal. I like these retreats because you can put your guard down and focus on that goal we are all striving for. I feel like that is one of our main jobs as a coaching staff. Get our teams to do things that they don't want to do to get where we all want to be! It's gonna be hard to wake up at 5:00am in the mornings and do the extra work needed to be a Division 1 college athlete and you need coaches and teammates there in your corner pushing you and encouraging you!

There are so many lessons to be learned through sport, especially our sport of tennis. I would argue that we have one of the harder sports out there. What other sport are you your own official? Imagine if you had to call your own strikes or balls in baseball. What about calling your own fouls in basketball. Tennis is very hard on you mentally and this was a big part of what our breakout sessions were about.

The other thing that we talked to the Roos about was believing in themselves. As coaches we are constantly trying to raise the "Ceiling of Belief" with our athletes. Athletes will only be as good as they believe themselves to be.

We reveiled our team motto this year in a special way! Here it is!

Great time was had by all! Believe!

Go Roos!

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